Appraisal Services

Expert Value Appraisals and Insurance Appraisal Services

Due to the dramatic increase in metals, gemstones, and labor prices, it is important to get an up-to-date, expert insurance appraisal on all of your jewelry. Appraisals are usually completed in one to two days, but can be done in-store while you wait for an additional charge. Please contact us for an in-store appraisal at 847.991.3990.

Bring in your pieces that you want expertly appraised, you can either leave them with us for a few days or we can gather the necessary information while you wait in the store. We will put a replacement value on the piece(s) and type the appraisal for you. This can be submitted to your insurance company. We suggest updating your appraisals every 1-3 years because in changes in the prices of metals and stones.

The benefit of getting your prized jewelry appraised with us runs the gamut:

All insurance companies have accepted our appraisals for insurance coverage. We can also assist in negotiating settlements for you with your insurance company should there be a loss claim.

Appraisal Rates:

We charge for labor at a rate of $100 per hour with a minimum of $35 for the first piece plus $15 for each additional item (whichever is less).